Watts Up This Week

Hello from Shaver Lake, CA where it’s 90 degrees with a lite breeze. The final push is here!!! Hot RF nights is this Saturday.
If you’re setting up a go-kit or displaying your mobile install, please arrive at 3PM for setup. Doors open for attendees at 4PM. It will be hard to stage vehicles once the doors open so please arrive during the setup window if you plan to attend. We still need your help though. Please talk up Hot RF nights on any and all nets you attend.
BOARD MEETING – THIS THURSDAY, JULY 11TH @ 6PM Also this week (more specifically THIS Thursday) is the SFARC monthly board meeting. All are welcome to attend on Zoom. Meeting starts at 6PM.
GENERAL CLUB MEETING – THIS FRIDAY, JULY 12TH @ 7:30PM And last but definitely not least, the SFARC general club meeting is THIS Friday at 7:30 PM in the gymnasium off Dairy Road @ Crossroads Church South Campus in Auburn. Join in person for some good fun and friendship or on Zoom if the distance is too far to attend in person.

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