Connect With SFARC

There are many ways to connect with the Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club.

Join the FRIENDS OF SFARC mailing list.  This allows you to keep track of what the club is doing and decide whether or not you want to become a member.  The vast majority of events hosted by SFARC are open to all.  CLICK HERE to enroll.

CLUB MEETING is a great place to interact with us, meet friends or make new ones, learn about other activities, and ask questions 1-on-1.

Like or follow SFARC on one of the five majors of SOCIAL MEDIA.  You don’t have to “be on Facebook” to take part.  We’re VERY active on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Collaborate with SFARC on GROUPS.IO.  SFARC uses to collaborate, post items for sale, share stories, and ham-related projects.

Join a club meeting on ZOOM.  Can’t make it to one of our meetings in person? No problem!  SFARC provides a robust and interactive experience for all club meetings.

Join us at a CLUB EVENT OR ACTIVITY.  You don’t need to be a member to join us for the numerous events and activities we take part in.  Don’t be a stranger, come and say hi.

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