Fox Hunt (Radio Direction Finding)

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  • SFARC runs monthly Fox Hunts where members hone skills locating hidden transmitters. Fox Hunting skills are not only fun but may be useful in situations where a transmitter needs to be located (e.g. search & rescue or tracking down interference).

    Fox Hunts are a fun outdoor activity. Regional hunts may involve driving around and taking bearings with a Yagi to triangulate on a hidden transmitter. Low-power hunts may involve walking through parks  & neighborhoods to find one or more hidden transmitters. Fox hunt equipment ranges from simple TOA (time of arrival) devices, yagi antennas, and or doppler techniques.

    SFARC has equipment for anyone to borrow > CLICK HERE

    An amateur radio license is not required to participate.

    Learn more about running a Fox Hunt by CLICKING HERE

    For more information, contact Fox Hunt coordinators Greydon (KC6SLE) or Doug (W2VX) using the form below.

Fox Hunt Follow-Up

  • Congratulations to our March 2024 FOX hunters and thank you to our FOX tender, Doug W2VX.  It was both challenging and fun.  I understand we had about a dozen participants and the sky cleared up just prior to the start, and the rain held off for the entire event.

    The Club’s next Fox hunt will be Saturday April 27, 2024, and will start outside of Mel’s Dinner in Auburn at 9:30 AM.  Additional details on the April FOX Hunt will be forthcoming in the next several weeks.

    We are also looking for a couple FOX tenders for the April 27 event.  If you are interested in planning and executing April’s FOX Hunt, please contact us.

    Greydon KC6SLE and Doug W2VX

Upcoming Fox Hunts

  • April 27, 2024: Greater Auburn Area / Tender: Greydon (KC6SLE)

Foxhunt Guidelines

Fox Hunt Files

Thumb RDF-meeting-notes-13feb2021.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 106.65 KB 2023-04-04 April 4, 2023 2023-04-04 April 4, 2023
106.65 KBApril 4, 2023
Thumb RDF-Concept-Overview-r4-meeting-notes.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 1.04 MB 2023-04-04 April 4, 2023 2023-04-04 April 4, 2023
1.04 MBApril 4, 2023
Thumb foxhunt_guidelines_04052024.pdf

2024 Fox Hunt Guidelines (PDF)

Open Download Copy Link 49.14 KB 2024-04-12 April 12, 2024 2024-04-12 April 12, 2024
49.14 KBApril 12, 2024
Thumb foxhunt_guidelines_04052024.docx

2024 Fox Hunt Guidelines (Word Document)

Download Copy Link 20.9 KB 2024-04-12 April 12, 2024 2024-04-12 April 12, 2024
20.9 KBApril 12, 2024



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