Looking Forward

By: Jim Zheng (W6JCZ)
Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club. Vice President

  • Hamfest 2024 was a great success, bringing buyers and sellers from all over the area together for a morning of gatherings and conversations! None of this would be possible without the assistance of our volunteers, so please join me in thanking them for their time and effort.

    We’ve got some great events lined up for the month of April, starting with a licensing exam session on the 1st (no joke!). With the conclusion of our Extra Class training session expect to hear some new /AE calls on the air!

    Our next club meeting on the night of the 12th will introduce guest speaker Erik (W6ETJ), who will be giving us a presentation on his experiments with antennas, featuring not only theory but applications as he discusses an antenna hub he designed and built to utilize commonly available antennas in creative ways. Erik was licensed in 2013, and is currently the vice president of the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club. He drew the inspiration for his project from using and experimenting with several commercial solutions and found that while they did the job they set out to do, they were often limited to specific configurations which meant he had to carry several pieces of equipment as well as spend time disassembling and reassembling antennas in the field. With his hub, it is now possible to carry a single set of antennas and have the ability to use them in several configurations. Join us as he demonstrates how a pair of HT antennas can be put together to create a high-gain wide-band beam and learn some antenna theory at the same time. If you’re interested in getting better performance from your equipment, reaching out further in the field, or perhaps need some guidance for that next antenna build don’t miss out on this month’s meeting!

    Spring has finally arrived, and with that comes our annual Donuts and Coffee in the Park. Join us at 9 AM on the 20th at Meadow Vista Park and enjoy fresh donuts and hot coffee amongst fellow friends and family. Everyone is invited!

    Rounding out the end of the month is our club breakfast on the 27th at The Original Mel’s Diner in Auburn. Come hungry at 7:30 AM, and stick around afterward for radio direction finding, a fun and educational event for anyone interested in some good-spirited competition. An amateur radio license is not required to listen to and hunt for signals, so bring a friend or two along and introduce them to the art of fox hunting.

    Hope to see you around!

    Jim (W6JCZ)

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