Watts Up This Week

Well that was embarrassing. My apologies for the extra email but let’s try this again. 🙂
Hello from Las Vegas! That’s right, your PIO is out recruiting new members and doing research for an SFARC Casino Night. <- 100% joking. DONUTS AND COFFEE AT MEADOW VISTA PARK — THIS SATURDAY APRIL 20TH. Come one, come all and bring your appetite. The fun starts at 9AM. We’ll have an HF station setup so spin the dial and work the bands if you want. FOX HUNT NEXT WEEKEND - APRIL 27TH There have been a few changes to next weekends Fox hunt. Unfortunately, they are not captured on the main page but if you click for more info and go to the Fox Hunt page you’ll see it's happen in Roseville this month with a meet up at 9:15 AM at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. FIELD DAY 2024 The t-shirt contest is underway and we’ve already had some really cool submissions. Get your designs in now at W6EK.org — the submission deadline is Monday, May 6th. SFARC FALL CAMPOUT There is only one spot remaining on our basecamp loop. However, the adjacent loop has PLENTY of room and is only a 1 minute walk to where we’re serving shared meals. There’s a map on the website showing where people have reserved. No harm reaching out to those who already have a spot to see if they want to share a spot. This event is going to be a lot of fun, we hope you’ll join us. A reminder, both RV’s and tents are welcome. 73, The Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club (W6EK) (530) 492-0920 Website: www.w6ek.org Groups.io: groupsio.w6ek.org
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