Watts Up This Week

A quick reminder…
Help The SFARC Scholarship Fund @ Hamfest Do you have a lightly used item you’d like to donate to the club table? All proceeds from your donated item go towards the SFARC scholarship fund. This is a huge part of fundraising for the scholarship fund so your help is appreciated. If you can help, please reply and we’ll make sure you’re connected with Jim Jupin (WA8MPA).
Got an item or three to sell @ Hamfest? SFARC members can leave up to (3) items on the club table for sale. The rules are simple. Make sure to place a sticker on each item with your call sign and phone number so prospective buyers can contact you to complete the sale. SFARC is NOT responsible for items that are left behind. Sellers should be prepared to provide change if required.
Hope to see you all on Saturday.
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