Watts Up This Week

SFARC Members and Friends,
This weeks “Watts Up” email comes a few days late.  That’s because we’re feverishly preparing for the Feliz Navidad holiday party and the SFARC 2023 annual slideshow coming up THIS Saturday!
We hope you all enjoyed the presentation from Dr. Fong last week. We have a few uSDX units to give away at the holiday party but maybe you’re not going to be at party or you want one NOW! Ben Parish (K6GEO) has arranged a “bulk order” with Dr, Fond for a group order to combine shipping. If interested, please reply to this email and we’ll get you in touch with Ben.
We’re proud to announce we welcomed 5 new technicians and 1 upgrade to extra this week at the monthly VE session.
  • Kevin Osborne (KO6BMC) – Upgraded to Extra
  • Christopher Cotter (KO6CGP) – New Technician
  • John Mangels (KO6CGN) – New Technician
  • Trent Osborne (KO6CGY) – New Technician
  • Jared Weidner (KO6CGZ) – New Technician
  • William Waterhouse (KO6CHC) – New Technician
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