Newsletter (General Meeting Minutes)

President Aaron W1ATB welcomed individuals to this monthly meeting.

The event was called to order at 1930 by President Aaron, W1ATB who opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present:
President- Aaron, W1ATB.
Vice-President- Jim, W6JCZ
Treasurer- Brian, KN6BKB
Secretary- Dave, N6OJJ.
Director- Greydon, KC6SLE
Director- Mark, W2MWK
Director- Jim, WA8MPA

Club Business
Quorum met: YES 50 in person + 13 on ZOOM = 63
311 members / need 62 ‘present’ to meet quorum.
January General meeting minutes have been distributed. Accepted by acclamation as amended by members present.

New Members acceptance vote: 8 new applications:
Haven Courtney KN6URM Garritt Darling Ko6BMA
Adam Gothard KN6YSQ James Malley WA0HYS
Chuck Nungester Ko6CRZ Gregory Phelan Ko6CWF
Chris Robinson KF6NFW Forrest “Sandy” Shoemaker K6MJ
Acceptance by acclamation of those present.
revised membership count=319.
The Informational parts of the meeting continue below:
Repeater needs a new antenna pole (wood). Bid requests sent out.

Jim W6JCZ introduces:
Program 1: “Vacuum Tubes”, Greg Ko6TH


Program 2: “Loomis Hamfest overview” Aaron K6ABJ

Committee Chair Reports:
Repeater – Clyde, AB4CC- not present. AI6US- 220 repeater installed
this weekend.
Greeter/Sunshine – Pam, KN6GTK.
VE Exams – Brian, AI6US exam on March 4. 14 elements administered.
7 new Technicians; 2 new upgrades to General.
Next exam session: April 1, 2024.
Volunteer Events – Chip, KM6MDF- nothing on the volunteer events list until Spring. None pending.
Exam classes – Orion AI6JB: Extra Class session 4, 11 students.
Next Technician class: April 23.
Newsletter – Bob, K6ZLY – newsletter distributed by email & on homepage.
Satellite – Greg, KO6TH – nothing to report.
PIO – Smitty, WB1G –
Website – Smitty, WB1G –
Social Media – Smitty, WB1G – FB members now at 500. / Dropbox sites – Dennis, WU6X stepping down – currently:
293 participants. Smitty WB1G taking role in short term. Need new chair/admin.
Contests – Dennis, WU6X – CQWW WPX RTTY this weekend,
ARRL International DX on Feb. 16.
Membership – Jeff KM6RGO – Currently 311 members + 8 new tonight.
Nomination Committee – Gary KB7QWC, need 2 more members.
By-laws Committee – vacant, will be recruiting
ARES – Scott KM6RFB. Effective 1 March, will be ARES EC for Placer County.
Refreshments – Mark W2MWK – nothing to add.
Drawing – Ray, KK6AN – nothing to add.
Hot RF Nights – Greydon KC6SLE
Hamfest – Aaron K6ABJ – need Presentation, Test Bench, Logistics,
Sanitation, Parking coordinators.
Field Day – Jeff KM6RGO / Greydon KC6SLE
1st meeting 1800, March 28 on ZOOM.
Scholarship Committee – Earl, K6GPB –
Equipment Donations / Library – Jim, WA8MPA – thank you to all for tonight’s donations.

Calendar of club events:
Mar. 14 – 1700, Hamfest team meeting (Historic Loomis Depot)
Mar. 16 – 0700-1100, Hamfest opens at Historic Loomis Depot parking
Mar. 30 – 0730, Club breakfast at Mel’s, CA-49 at Luther Road
Mar. 30 – 0900, Foxhunt. Meet at Mel’s Diner
April 11 – 1800, next SFARC Board Meeting, on ZOOM
April 12 – 1930, next Club Meeting
April 20 – 0900-1100, Coffee & Donuts in Meadow Vista park
June 22-23, ARRL Field Day, Georgetown Airport Campground
Dec. 08 – SFARC X-Mas party

Nets (on W6EK repeater, 145.430, PL=162.2):
Daily: 0730-1000, Coffee Break Net on W6EK repeater
1st Sunday/month: 1930, Placer County ARES Net on W6EK repeater
Monday’s: 1800, All-Node Net
Wednesday’s: 1930-2030, 1st/3rd, Elmer/Mentoring Net;
1930, (ZOOM),2nd / 4th, In the Shack
Thursday’s: 1930-2030, SFARC Weekly Net

Adjourned at: 2118 PST