Newsletter (Board Meeting Minutes)

Called to order: 1802 PST by Aaron W1ATB

Approve February, 2024 Board minutes – approved as corrected

President: Aaron Bond W1ATB
Vice-President: Jim Zheng W6JCZ
Treasurer: Brian Fulkerson KM6MDM (correct callsign)
Secretary: Dave McBrayer N6OJJ
Director: Greydon Hicks KC6SLE (2 years)
Director: Mark Koehler W2MWK
Director: Jim Jupin WA8MPA (3 years)
also present: Brian AI6US; Greg KO6TH; Bob K6ZLY;
Gary KB7QWC; Clyde AB4CC; Smitty WB1G; Scott KM6RFB
introductions around

Quorum: minimum 1 Director + 4 Officers = MET

Officer & Board Member Reports
Jim Zheng W6JCZ – advert items at back of newsletter: motion by Smitty “ Motion: The “sponsor/special” thanks section in the SFARC Newsletter be reserved for advertisements from members in good standing, limit one ad per member, free of charge.“. second by Greydon KC6SLE. Motion carried by acclamation.
Dave McBrayer N6OJJ – nothing to present
Brian Fulkerson KN6BKB – bank statements uploaded to in board files folder. annual insurance premium paid.
Greydon KC6SLE – noting to present
Jim WA8MPA – nothing to present
Mark W2MWK – nothing to present

Repeater (Station Trustee) – Clyde AB4CC – 220 repeater going back to vault.
Repeater Committee – Jeff KM6RGO – awaiting contractor bids.
Newsletter – Bob, K6ZLY – Newsletter posted
Webmaster / Social media / PIO – Smitty WB1G –
social media site: FB at 500 members. fox hunt promo
PIO: hamfest promotion, / Dropbox – Dennis WU6X stepping down, need new chair – at 293 members.
Membership – Jeff KM6RGO) – 8 new applications to vote on tomorrow;
Currently enrolled: 311 members. 6 (2023) members did not renew.
meeting quorum = 62.
VE exams – Brian, AI6US – March 4: 14 elements administered.
7 new Technicians; 2 new upgrades.
next exams: April 1, 2024.
Volunteer Events Coordinator – Chip, KM6MDF – not present
Contests – Dennis, WU6X – not present. stepping down, need new chair
Scholarship Committee – Earl, K6GPB – not present.
Jeff KM6RGO: Daniel Fogart Scholarship (existing) and one more.
Drawing – Ray, KK6AM – not present
Refreshments – Mark, W2MWK – plenty of water on hand
Nominations – Gary, KB7QWC – needs 1 more committee member.
Hamfest 2024 – Aaron, K6ABJ – 3rd Sat. in March., 3-16. walk thru next
Thursday, 1700.
ByLaws Committee – TBA

Field Day / Hot RF Nights 2024 – Jeff, KM6RGO / Greydon KC6SLE –
time to dust off spreadsheets. First FD zoom meeting on March 28 at 1800. All welcome.
Hot RF Nights – Greydon
Picnic chair 2024 – open
Coffee & Doughnuts in Park 2024 – open
X-mas party – open. confirmed: Dec. 8, 2024.

Elmer/Mentoring: Pamphlet for VE and Club Meetings, QSL Card,
“How to become a Ham”. Smitty, WB1G, met with Greydon, KC6SLE.
Repeater Committee: 1st and 3rd Monday’s on Zoom @ 1930. RFP
sent out for repeater work.
Position Duties: 2023 officer input due soon.
Financial Audit: nothing to add.
Scholarship Committee: Committee has not met recently.
X-Mas Party date: Dec. 8, 2024. Confirmed with Church Pastor.
VE items: Brian AI6US, new VE handout being refreshed.
Club Asset Inventory: Jeff KM6RGO developing a spreadsheet.
Scott KM6RFB approved for his monthly net on W6EK repeater.

Scott KM6RFB, PCARES MOU for W6EK repeater use. discussion.
Motion of support by Greydon, 2nd by WA8MPA. passed by
Brian AJI6US – Coffee & Donuts in Park event – April 20, 0900-1100.
Brian AI6US – Camp out 2024 – Sept. 21 at Stampede. board support for group site? carry over to next month.
By-laws Committee – begin recruiting efforts
General Meeting – Jim WA8MPA – what donations does the pantry
need? paper towels, toilet tissue, kleenex, canned chicken/tuna,
cereal, pasta.

Hamfest walk-through meeting: March 14, 1700 at the Loomis Depot
parking lot.
Sat. Breakfast: 30 March, 0730 at Mel’s Original Diner, Grass Valley
Hwy at Luther Road, Auburn.
Fox Hunt: 30 March, 0900 after breakfast.

Next Board meeting: 11 April 2024, 1800 PT. on ZOOM

Adjourned: 1930 PST