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Looking Forward

Last Club Meeting we had a great turnout for Barri’s, NW6Q, presentation on the Hubbell and James Web Space Telescopes.   What a great and fascinating presentation it was.  Barri kept the both our in-person and Zoom attendees, about 55 total, completely captivated.  And Barri stayed around after the meeting to answer additional questions from those who were attending in person.  Thank you Barri!  If you missed Barri’s presentation you can find the recording in the Club’s video archives.

The day following our May Club meeting we had Coffee and Donuts at Recreation Park in Auburn.  Great turnout again for this traditional Club event and everyone had a great time socializing, enjoyed great coffee prepared by our President Jeff, KM6RGO, and feasting on fresh donuts of many varieties prepared by the local Safeway.  People were having so much fun they stayed around for some time, and the event ran well into mid-morning.  I really enjoyed my conversations with those of you who attended.

A reminder: Field Day is coming up on the last weekend of June and there is much to do.  It is one of the biggest events of the year for SFARC and the Club needs your help for it really takes a “village” to put this event on.  Please attend the next Field Day planning meeting and look for an area you would like to get involved with, area to help out.  It would be very much appreciated, and fun and rewarding too.

Our next Club meeting will be Friday June 9.  Jeff, KM6RGO, and Jon, KI6RT, will be briefing us on Field Day 2023 preparations.  And Greg, KO6TH, and I are looking for a Mystery Shack presentation too for that evening.  Another fun and rewarding way to share your creativity in building your HAM shack with your fellow Club members.  If you are interested, please contact Greg, KO6TH, directly, his contact info is in the Club Roster.



February Fox Hunt (Front Page Promo)

This month’s Fox Hunt is fast approaching on February 25th and we want to see you.

This time we’ll be searching within the city limits of Roseville hidden by Fox Tenders Paul (KE6MXV) and Sam Dyer (KN6UXI).  If you’re new to Fox Hunting, come to the SFARC Club Breakfast (7:30 AM at Mel’s Diner @ 1730 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA) and ask to team up with one of the experienced Fox Hunters!