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Looking Forward

The 8th annual SFARC Hamfest is approaching fast and the word has certainly got out! Listening to local 2-meter nets as well as conversations on HF it sounds like we’re expecting a large crowd this time around. The first northern California hamfest of the year always draws participants from all around so look forward to a busy morning of buying, selling, and eyeball QSOs on March 16th! A big shout-out to all our members and sponsors for making this possible.

Within the club we’ve got a variety of events and activities planned for the month of March, starting out with a licensing exam session on the 4th. If you or someone you know are interested in getting (or upgrading) your amateur radio license sign up and take that step!

Our next club meeting on the night of the 8th features an overview of vacuum tubes, presented by Greg (KO6TH). Aaron (K6ABJ) will then brief us on the hamfest and what we can expect. Since taking the position as hamfest chair, he has done an excellent job organizing the event and getting in touch with members to assist with everything from parking to prizes.

As usual, on the morning of the last Saturday of the month we gather at The Original Mel’s Diner in Auburn for our club breakfast, after which we will go on a fox hunt. February’s event proved to be a real challenge, and as a bonus we drew attention from pedestrians and motorists as we wandered around with our radio direction finding gear! Questions were asked, and great demonstrations were given.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!