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Looking Forward

Field Day was amazing this year, even though the temperatures were significantly higher this time around. We made plenty of contacts, but more than that we shared a weekend of great conversations, tasty food, and lasting memories. A shout-out goes to all the candidates who took their amateur radio licensing exam at the Georgetown Airport hangar. Congratulations on your achievements, whether that’s getting your Technician license or upgrading to obtain further privileges on the ham bands!

This month we will NOT have a VE exam session, and we will resume testing on the first Monday of August.

Our club meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the second Friday of the month, and this month’s meeting on the 12th features Jeff (KM6RGO), who will be presenting the 2024 Field Day Recap and James (N6OZH), with a great talk on identifying, tracking down, and dealing with an errant transmitter causing interference on a public safety radio system. For those of you who regularly participate in our monthly RDF events (or are interested in RDF) this is one presentation you don’t want to miss!

Hot RF Nights, SFARC’s annual show-and-tell event, will be held on Saturday, June 13th this year. Greydon (KC6SLE) and the crew of volunteers have put in extra time and effort to make this year’s event the best one yet. Having it in the month of July gives us more daylight into the late hours, and Saturday gives families and friends who would otherwise be at work the opportunity to come out and spend some quality time learning about everyone’s portable radio setups. We’ll even have a food truck this year, so come early at 4 PM and leave the worries about where to get dinner behind!

Our monthly club breakfast will be held at Wings (by Auburn Municipal Airport) on the 27th. This month will also see the resumption of Fox Hunting after the breakfast, and we have a special fox tender this time around. I’m really curious as to where it’ll be hidden, and I look forward to challenging this month’s event.

At last, but not least, we will host Alan (K7AR) for a special “Going On Your First DXpedition” presentation on Zoom the night of the 31st. Alan did a wonderful job presenting FT8’s Fox/Hound mode to the club in May, and curious hams wanted to know what goes into a DXpedition. Even if you don’t have immediate plans for traveling to remote locations and operating amateur radio, come join us to gain an appreciation for what goes into such an operation!

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day! Looking forward to seeing all of you at our events!