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March Project Build (Read More)


The build will be at the Crossroads Church Gym starting promptly at 9:30 AM, and running no later than 1:00 PM. It will include a brief test and usage following the build.

The cost is $26 and includes everything needed to construct and complete it. It will be both an RX and TX antenna and useful for many things including field use and RDF.

If you’re interested in joining the waiting list, please submit your reservation below:

February Fox Hunt (Read More)

This month’s Fox Hunt is fast approaching on February 25th and we want to see you.

This time we’ll be searching within the city limits of Roseville hidden by Fox Tenders Paul (KE6MXV) and Sam Dyer (KN6UXI).  If you’re new to Fox Hunting, come to the SFARC Club Breakfast (7:30 AM at Mel’s Diner @ 1730 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA) and ask to team up with one of the experienced Fox Hunters! The fun starts after breakfast (around 9:30 AM), all are welcome, no license is required!

BOUNDARY:  Within the City Limits of Roseville and east of I-80.

FREQUENCIES: During the Coffee Break Net the Fox Tender will monitor 146.43 MHz. After the Coffee Break Net participants should use the W6EK repeater at 145.430 MHz, PL 162.2

NEED TO BORROW EQUIPMENT? Reach out to Doug (W2VX), Greydon (KC6SLE), or Jon (KI6RT) using the contact form HERE.