• Sellers can purchase spaces on a first-come-first-served basis on the day of the event. Spaces range in size from a standard parking stall to 8′ x 8′.  All spaces, regardless of size, cost $10 each.  Sellers may purchase as many stalls as desired.  SFARC staff will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific locations.

    Sellers may arrive starting at 6:00 AM to set up.  Follow the “Seller” signs or ask our parking staff for directions to the Seller’s entrance.  Sellers may park in their stalls.  Vehicles must fit within the area purchased.  Additional parking is available at no additional cost.

    ​Sellers need to bring their own tables, chairs, pop-ups, generators, etc… No equipment will be provided.  No electrical power will be available to sellers.

    Show up early on the day of with your $10 bill, get a spot, and join us for a day of fun!


    California law requires Swap meet operators to obtain information on all sellers who conduct activities on premises.  Sellers are be required to fill out the State of California, Department of Tax and Fee Administration, Form 410d: Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events Certification.  This form is available at:  To expedite entrance into the Swap meet, please print and bring with you a completed and signed form.  Thank you!

    Event Information:
    Event Name and Place:  Loomis Hamfest, Loomis, Calif.
    Event Date:  March 16, 2024

    Forms will be available for you if you forget yours.

    All sellers will be required to complete the form prior to setup.

    Additional information is available in Publication 111, Operators of Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events on the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration website.

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