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  New hams, first year of membership is free.
Single year membership $22.
Multi-year membership $20 per year.
Each associate member $7 per year
Associate members are immediate family members of applicant/member.
  Prorated Dues for New Members/Associates:
July $20/$6
Aug $18/$5
Sept $16/$4
Oct $14/$3 + following year
Nov $12/$2 + following year
Dec $10/$1 + following year
Membership Dues
  Name Tag:  
  Name tag clip type No Name Tag Standard Clip ($10) Magnet Clip ($15)  
  General Club Fund (between $0 and $2000)  
  Repeater Fund (between $0 and $2000)  
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  Please list all associate members here with their name, email, and callsign if they are licensed.  
  Payment Method Cash/CheckPayPal  

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