Hams In The Hills

Do you like ham radio and taking your vehicle off-road?  You’ve come to the right place.

Here is the complete 2023 schedule. We will fill in the details as we go.

Date Event Trail Boss
March 4 Prairie City SVRA Snow-wheeling around Georgetown!!! Mike (K6YMM)
April 15 McKinstry Peak Mike (K6YMM)
May 13 Tells Creek/B-17 crash site Jeff (K6BSY)
June 17 Signal Peak Larry (KN6BKB)
July 15 & 16 Ellis Peak (camping at Ellis Lake) Paul (W2OHV)
September 9 Strawberry Pass Jeff (K6BSY)
October 5-8 Yerington, NV    (campground, RV’s welcome, wide area exploration events, TBD) Paul (W2OHV)


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