Club Activities

Club Breakfast

Join us for our monthly breakfast at Mel's Diner in Auburn on the last Saturday of each month at 7:30 am. Due to state COVID orders, the meeting room capacity is currently limited to 25-30 seats. Be sure to come early to to be seated in the private room. Overflow seating will be in the main dining area. Click here for the map.

Important notice: We request that breakfast attendees follow Covid guidelines to limit risk to self and especially for other attendees. Please attend only if you understand and accept the potential risk.


We’re the first opportunity of the year to sell your old ham radio gear or to find the best used gear from sellers who are motivated.

Club Volunteer Events

SFARC supports various non-profit organizations and events with radio support. If your organization has a need for radio support for safety and convenience of staff and participants. Please email to us at info@w6ek.org or click here regarding radio support.

Radio Direction Finding

Monthly after club breakfast. Locations to be announced

Other Services

We offer assistance to families of deceased Amateur Operators (known as SKs or Silent Keys) in helping with equipment removal and sales. Email us at: info@w6ek.org