Club Officers

  President Brian Gohl, AI6US  
  Vice President Greg Dolkas, KO6TH  
  Secretary Michele Bauer, WH7QC  
  Treasurer Jeffrey Morgan, KM6RGO  
  Director Chip Bautista, KM6MDF  
  Director Gerry Brenthall, WA6E  
  Director Wayne Stilwell, W6DT  
  Greeter & Sunshine Greeter & Sunshine - Roy Bauer, WH7DH / Jacob Bauer, assistant  
  Field Day Chair Gerry Brentnall, WA6E  
  VE Exam Coordinator Andrew Silvester, K6OP/Carl First, N6CKV  
  Newsletter Editor Barbara Anderson, W6EVA  
  Public Information Officer Scott Vogelsang, WA6YNE  
  Groups.io Moderator Dennis Gregory, WU6X  
  Webmasters Amir Larian N6ADL & Herb Garcia, KM6JBI  
  Social Media Officer Orion Endres, AI6JB  
  Volunteer Event Coordinator Chip Bautista, KM6MDF  
  Refreshment Chair TBD  
  Christmas Party Chair TBD  
  Station Trustee Clyde Campbell, AB4CC  

Mission Statement

The Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club of Auburn, California was founded to support and promote the Amateur Radio Service. We are a voluntary, non-profit association of licensed amateur radio operators and others who share interests in developing and promoting the knowledge and advancement of operating techniques and the technical skills related to radio communications. We accomplish these goals through mentoring new hams and practical experience in the Amateur Radio Service, participating in public safety exercises, and through emergency preparedness and international goodwill. We are an ARRL affiliated and Special Service Club.