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  Thursday Night Net starts at 7:30pm (19:30 hours) Note: Anyone can check-in and join this net, you do not need to be an SFARC member.

Our nets are held on the club repeater W6EK on 145.430 MHz, -06/ PL 162.2 Hz; 223.860 MHz -1.6/ PL 162.2Hz; 440.575 MHz +5/ PL 162.2 Hz

Net Control Operators:
Dave Jenkins, WB6RBE; Gary Cunningham, KQ6RT and Norm Medland, W6AFR

Evryone is invited to check in. The net features a Mystery Question, the ARRL Report, Satellite Report, DX Report and other activities. Operators are encouraged to talk about their recent operating or other ham activities.

Note: Please see the events calendar in Activities for exact information

Wednesday Night 2 Meter "Elmer" (help) Net starts at 7:30pm (19:30 hours) and is held every First and Third Wednesday. This net discusses various aspects of "how to" and provides assistance and advice to all Hams. Everyone is invited to check in. Have a question, need an answer? then try the Elmer Net. SFARC has many members that can answer your questions and provide operating assistance for Antennas, Equipment, Regulation and any other aspect of our fine hobby. New or seasoned operator, there is something for everyone on the Elmer Net. Have a question or need some help? Please check in.

Northern Amteur Relay Council of California (NARCC) is the Repeater Coordinating gooup. The website has information about all repeaters in Norhtern California by band and location. There are also Band Plans available: http://www.narcc.org/


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